Tech Updates - January 26, 2014

Yahoo acquires web browser based online game making engine Cloud Party

Yahoo has reported to be acquired a browser-based online game development engine known the Cloud Party. Cloud Party is an organization that comes with built a digital 3D expertise, directly in users’ web browser. The digital world-wide gaming start-up that permits people to set up and make a world, personalize an avatar, and promote simply via the web without any downloads or plug-ins is set to turn off on 21st Feb’2014. Showing excitement on its recent acquisition, a Yahoo spokesperson revealed that the company was happy to incorporate its completely unique perspective and experience with a group that is equally captivated with gaming.

Cloud Party(online game making engine) is the function of a founding group of MMO and console game corporation vets , which includes Sam Thompson ( previously of Cryptic and Pandemic ) , Jimb Esser ( as well ex-Cryptic ) , Conor Dickinson ( ex-Facebook , Tomb Raider dev and Cryptic alum ) and Jered Windsheimer ( Cryptic , natch ) . They developed Cloud Party as a sort of free-form digital world-wide expertise, just like 2nd Functional life, however an up to date viewpoint of what a web-based digital global might appear to be with additional prominence on user-generated 3D content.

The group of Cloud Party(online game making engine) is going to link up with Yahoo after 2 years of operation.