Use Adwords Ad Extension To Maximize Your Conversion
Paid Marketing - December 11, 2017

How To Use Adwords Ad Extension To Maximize Your Conversion

The vast online world requires digging into deep to earn Gold. In the hustle of so many new ideas and technique, the search becomes a tedious job. As you can observe that the online companies are always searching for leads, sales, customers and various other type of online gold. Some of then start building thousand of links which ultimately is vanished by Panda and other spends thousand of dollar on Pay per Click.

Pheew! It’s hard!

While I don’t have much knowledge about how to satisfy panda, but I definitely know a few tricks which will help to earn gold using AdWords. The first place to start digging for gold is in your AdWords ad extension account.

Adwords ad extension:

Just as their name goes, ad extensions give you the opportunity to extend the ads beyond the conventional 25-characters title, 35 characters or le than that for display URL and 35 characters each for the two lines. Extensions might show phone number, sitelinks, product info and also a location.

If you are looking for Ad extensions, you will require making the tab visible. You will find a drop down arrow on the extreme right. Click the arrow and choose the Ad Extensions and Ok. Once you have done this, you will find an Ad extensions tab.

Once you have set the Ad extensions tab, all you need is to choose the dropdown box that will be visible just underneath the Ad groups and Campaigns. In this tab, you will find our different kinds of ad extensions available, sitelink extensions, product extensions, location extensions and call extensions.

Let us find each and every point in details.

Location Extensions:

When it was launched two years back, this particular tab named location extensions were fantastic for the advertiser searching for local customers or demonstrate that they are the local service provide providers. Initially this ad will contain an extra line with the * symbol along with a business address.

Google Adwords Location Extension

Once you expand this, users will be able to find a map with location and can also request direction just by click on the “Directions” link. The simplest way to apply the location extensions is by linking the AdWords campaign with the Google places account.

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Call Extensions:

The call extensions enable the users to list the phone number in the add without the need for spending 10 to 13 characters of the ad copy. In order to place the ad in the mid portion, you will find the phone number towards the right side of your title. When ads are placed towards the right, you will find your phone number appearing within the first line and the title.

Google Adwords Call Extension

This is becoming a powerful technique as most of the people search from their mobile devices and can make a call simply by tapping on the ad. Don’t forget that when someone finds the number and dials, you won’t be paying for a click.

Product Extensions:

These product extensions directly link to the Google product feed and enable to display the ad in the current inventory with the pricing and image.

Google Adwords Product Extension

This can be a fine option for the ecommerce websites because this shows customers the exact products that you are offering. This will also help to occupy more space at the top of any page.

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Sitelink Extensions:

For businesses, this is one of the most effective extensions as it enables the users to reach the destination much faster. For an instance if you make a search with any keyword like pizza delivery, it will give you some sitelinks from where you can exactly find where you want to go in just a single click.

Don’t mind but I am a very estimating guy and therefore I click on coupons to find the deals. This helps to get more space on your on the page and you get more people clicking on your ad as they get exactly what they want.

And so here you have all the four genuine sources of Adwords ad extensions just by logging in to your AdWords account. So all you have to do is to start digging for gold.

Si I hoped, I was able to give you information regarding AdWords extensions. I hope you like it and if you did, don’t forget to hit the like and share. Do share your views on the comment section. Subscribe today for more such updates.