6 Reasons Why Your Backlinks Are Not Working

Are you not getting positive results from your backlinking efforts?

You have sent some links to your site, one two, three weeks are gone and nothing seems to materialize. What is even worse sometimes right after you send the links, you see the rankings dropping. If you are in such a situation, take position for you are reading the right piece. SEO is not an easy task, it is complicated and consumes a lot of time. But you don’t need to be a SEO expert to hack it. Actually large numbers are quitting day to day, companies are closing and you might also come across articles talking about the irrelevance of SEO. Backlinks are the main reason many people are complaining every day. This piece will make it less frustrating by making you understand the top 6 reasons why backlinking is not giving out results.

1. Low Quality Links

Having many low quality links is not going to help you. Unless, you are using the low quality links for a balanced link profile. Link building is very important in boosting websites rankings on search engines. Poor quality links do not follow the guidelines set by search engines. Those guidelines recommend that sites need to have unique content that has value to the readers. Any content that is borrowed, scrapped or slightly changed is not considered as unique content. So if your links comes from sites that do not have unique content, then the links are considered low quality. The sites are referred to as low quality sites as well. Let’s look at the general low quality links:

(a) Blog comments from websites with low domain authority

(b) Forum links from websites with low domain authority

(c) Foreign links

(d) Scraper sites &Affiliate sites

(e) Links with borrowed or copied content

(f) Links with little or zero content

(g) links with irrelevant content or from irrelevant sites

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t link your pages from such sites. If you have to, just keep in mind that you will be going nowhere with such a step. Even though you won’t be able to get any value from these sites, you can have such bank links to boost something known as a strong link ratio.

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2. No Follow Links

These are backlinks that brings out no direct SEO value from their original pages to the reference pages. If you have too many of them, or none at all, you are not safe in both cases. Your ranking will be messed either way. This is because, if your links don’t deliver what they are meant to (carry SEO value). Consider involving a SEO expert who obviously know well that this could lower your ranking and advise accordingly. On the other hand, having no follow links at all gives the impression of an unnatural backlink figure. A 10% no follow links can be of great importance to you. Some of the successful websites have 30% of no follow links which doesn’t hinder them listed as the top positions in the search results.

3. Links that are too far down the page

Your links shouldn’t be down there where the readers don’t usually reach. Links that appear at the very end of the content are not valued by google. Google bank on links that are reachable and normally clicked and followed. Position your links where readers will definitely reach and click on them for more information. You could consider using search metrics to analyse your links and see where they are on a page. It could be costly but worth it.

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4. External Links

Consider these two scenarios;

-A website linking to many different sites yours being among them

-A website linking to fewer sites one being among them

Many would think that the first scenario is the best but the second one is the way to go. Google value the second type of scenario. You can choose to use tools such as to analyse how many external links are coming from yours. That way, you will get to understand what fits you and who to focus on building further relationship with. Go through other links, look at their external links, footer links and sidebar links. Google don’t give too much credit to sites linking to so many other sites.

5. Links from websites with no keyword Relevance

This is another blunder made by so many people. Links from websites that talks about different things from your blog gives very little benefit to google. To be a SEO expert you need to make sure that your links related. Get links from websites that talk about similar things as you. Make use of online tools like pitch box which can help you identify websites that are important to you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that your link is missing out, but could be that the link is outdated or does not and is no longer relevant.

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6. Low quality websites

Let’s take your website as a car that is being fuelled by backlinks. The two has to come in handy in terms of quality because a bad car doesn’t become better because of using quality fuel. Your website has to meet particular set search engine standard for the backlinks to give you results. When we talk about on site and off site SEO achievement, low quality website can make your efforts become fruitless.

Wrapping up:

When it comes to SEO, backlinks are very important components. Make sure you create them properly and maintain them to boost your ranking at all times. You could do everything required well while creating your backlink but errors are bound to occur as time goes. It is important that you keep checking on your links sometimes. Also check on websites that tend to use many pop ups and advertisements. There is a higher chance that when search engine algorithms are marking these sites as spam, your site could be included. Such sites do not meet the modern standards required and therefore become more unfriendly to the users. It is even better if you don’t even consider placing links on such websites. Now you know what makes you backlinks not to function properly.